“Angela had a crowd of about 60 adults absolutely howling with laughter. It could not have been funnier. The occasion was a 60’th birthday roast. She shocked the birthday boy with how well she was prepared. Just a great show! People are still talking about how funny it was 2 weeks later. It was an overall fun experience that we would love to do again.”

Jeff W, Goodland, Indiana


 “Hi Angela, I just had to tell you what an excellent performance you put on. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! And I was so impressed that you fit in all the little details about Mary that I wrote you about. That was awesome! We are still talking about it at work.  I’ve looked back through everyone’s pictures and everyone in the crowd watching is laughing. That’s an incredible accomplishment. There were a lot of different people of all ages there.

I was pretty skeptical at first when the idea was brought up, but now I would recommend you to anyone.  Keep on making them laugh.”

Sincerely, Dawn Johnson


 “From the moment I made initial contact with Angela I felt very comfortable with hiring over the internet. Her personality is bubbly and sincere so I felt confident in my decision. Her performance absolutely made the party. Everyone was laughing and very hard. Afterwards I had more people asking me where I found her, and saying how much they enjoyed the show. I did not have one negative comment. So for anyone looking to take the ho-hum out of a party or celebration I highly recommend Angela Riccio.”

Debbie Q. Steger, IL


 “Just a quick note to say thank you for a job well done! You were the talk of Voja’s 50th Birthday party long after you were gone. Your visit really made the party extra special for all of us there. You are very good at what you do and you brought joy to many people. Keep up the great work!”

Peggy Lesmeister


 “It was non-stop laughter from the time Angela began mingling, took the stage, and then concluded by leaving us some hilarious parting gifts. I was impressed that she was such a quick-study of the information I gave her about my company and co-workers even though she received some of the details at the last minute. She’s not shy AT ALL, very spontaneous, and she’s naturally a “people person.” Everyone was a fan even employees who went up on stage to be “roasted.” They headed to the stage even before she got their full name out. This was my first time hiring a comic and I could not have selected a better or a more original talent than Angela Riccio. 4 STARS”

Mary G., Oak Brook, IL


 “Angela did a terrific job of entertaining the employees at our corporate party. After her performance, they were all talking and laughing about things she said and did during her performance, and they were still talking about it when I walked into the office Monday morning. They were telling those employees that couldn’t attend the party that they missed a great time, particularly because of Angela. The owner of our company was not only happy about the fact that the employees enjoyed themselves, but he was very pleased that such a comedic talent performed at our party.”

Mary S., Cedar Lake, IN


 “Besides being terribly funny, the great thing about Angela is that she is very flexible in her performance, and she stretches the envelope but never breaks it with her comedy. She communicates well, both pre-event and post event. Although the weather was terrible, she showed up early and stayed late. Two weeks later, most of the attendees are still talking about her performance. And, everyone wants to see my tiara! Nice job, Angie. Oh, and did I forget to say, she is hilarious!”

Carole R., St. Joseph, MI


 “Angie – Thank you for your performance at Peggy’s 40th party. I was told you were a smash hit!! And thank you for letting her know that we wanted to be there, but we “weren’t invited” 🙂 You are a wonderful person for bringing such joy to people. Thank you!”



 “We can not say enough about Angela. Our party was small so I was a little worried that if only a few found her funny it could be awkward. Angela had everyone laughing and interacted with everyone in the room. The evening was a complete success. Even the staff working the party were laughing. I would recommend her highly. Be prepared to laugh!!!”

Carmel S., Chicago, IL


 “Just a quick note to let you know how absolutely thrilled we were with Angela’s performance. My party was in stitches the entire time she was here. Our guest of honor didn’t quite know what to make of her the first couple of minutes and was rather quiet – but Angela knew exactly how to roll with the punches. I can’t tell you how many people asked me where I found her and that they would call me for contact information for their next party.  After Angela we also had a stripper at the party. Considering the crowd I had here, I figured she [the stripper] would be the highlight of the evening. WRONG!!! No one could stop talking about how wonderful and hysterical Angela was. That is one heck of a compliment to her. Thanks for providing a wonderful and ingenious service.”

Karola Wessler Oak Lawn, IL