My best friend in High School got a 32 on her ACT and NEVER let me forget it! I was too busy being cool and social to worry about those things, however I was in Band and The Honor Program classes, smart and nerdy, but again too cool and social to actually study and worry about homework.  She could also drink an orange juice, smoke a cigarette and shift the car into gear all at the same time! I was so impressed by her skills, I wanted to be just like her.  I got married at 42 years old in Las Vegas by Elvis, because I always said “IF I ever get married, it will be in Vegas by Elvis”  I never thought I actually would, then when I did everyone said, “Well, at 42 years old, your 2nd wedding…..Vegas and Elvis sound’s fun!” Well, even though I was 42, it was not my 2nd wedding…..It was MY wedding!! First and only.